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March 24th, 2009 — 3:31pm

Kid’s Church last Saturday was great; we had over 80 kids!  There were many new faces as well as some that we had not seen in a while.  Despite being a little chaotic,  church went great.  Pastor Rich shared from Mark 4, the story of Jesus calming the storm.  We have been talking about this passage for the last couple of weeks and discussing what it means in our lives today.  Saturday nights are unique in that all the kids (all ages) are together for worship and the teaching.  So the lesson has to be able to be understood by children as well as teens .  What a challenge!  Pastor Rich does a great job though.  Right now the little ones are learning what it means to have faith and the teens and adults are asking how we live this out in our lives and what it means to fear God.  Having all ages together is a blessing; it doesn’t matter what age you are God can use you.  For instance, just a few Saturday’s ago, Pastor Rich asked the kids why they come to Agora.  One little girl replied, “Because I like to pray to God.”  Its these kind of  statements that show us God is at work here.

My most memorable moment from Saturday night was the ride home.  The kids can get pretty rowdy on the van rides to and from church so 1 or 2 staff members usually ride the vans to help keep things from getting out of control.  Saturday night, I rode on the vans to take kids home.  The kids were pretty loud and hyper after a fun night of church, but Ben and I started singing songs with them.  They loved being able to be loud and noisy and we loved that they were being constructively loud and noisey.  The only down side was the hoarse voice I had after an hour of “Down by the Bay.”

Today started a new week at Agora (we have Mondays off).  Keep us in your prayers this week, its going to be a busy one!

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