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August 11th, 2009 — 4:39pm

Hello again!  It has been awhile hasn’t it?  This time my excuses are legitimate, I had my wisdom teeth removed and then I went on vacation a few days later.  The first was not fun but the second made up for it.  I really enjoyed the time with my family and having time to relax.  But now I am back and I have your update!

I was amazed at all the work that had been done over the time I was gone (just 9 days).  The concrete has been poured, the (many) walls framed, and HVAC and electric are being worked on as I type.  Amazing!  It is so much fun to walk through the newly framed walls and imagine dozens if little children inside of them.  If you get a chance, stop by and see us sometime!

Last Wednesday the Beachy church in Plain City (the same folks who run the Wednesday night program for the kids) invited everyone (about 90 people) to join them for a picnic.  Carl and Mary Jane were gracious enough to host everyone.  The kids had a wonderful time!  Even though we traveled just 30 minutes away from Columbus, most of the little kids  had never been outside of the city before so every cow, field, and farm was new for them.

Although I was not there, I heard from other volunteers that Saturday night went really well too.  There were SO many kids they said.  Wonderful!  It is so exciting to see how we continue to grow.  We are seeing so many new faces!  I used to pride myself on knowing everyone’s name, I guess God is trying to humble me because there are so many kids at church that I don’t know yet.  :)

This entry is going to be a short one.  There is more on the way though!  I will be updating early next week.

Prayer Requests

  • continued progress and funding for the day care
  • our two volunteers who will be returning to Germany next week

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