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Childcare Center Building Project Update #3

December 28th, 2009 — 12:25pm

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December Update

December 22nd, 2009 — 1:55am

Merry Christmas!  December has been a very busy month at Agora.  We started off the month with our annual Christmas party.  A sister church sponsored each one of our kids and made sure that they had a gift.  The church came down on a Saturday night; they provided a meal for the entire group (over 200 people!) and brought gifts for all the children.  We had a wonderful evening celebrating the birth of our Christ and sharing his love with our kids.

Progress on the childcare center is going full-speed ahead.  The floors are almost done (the guys are putting a late night in as I type this).  Almost every day we get packages in the mail with furnishings for the childcare, chairs, mirrors, toys, etc..  How exciting!  We are all thrilled for this new stage of Agora’s ministry.

While much progress has been made in building projects, what is most exciting is seeing progress in the children and teens.  The last weeks have given us much to praise God for.  Several of the teens in our job training program are really doing good!  Not only have their attitudes been better, we have seen them become more conscious of the fact that they are role models for the younger children.  I have been blessed by seeing our teens mediate arguments between kids and encourage younger kids to make good decisions.  I told one young man that I had noticed how he seemed to be growing and that I was really proud of him, he replied, “I gotta change somehow, I gotta do better.”  God is good isn’t he?!  I am amazed at how he can work in any life, no matter how lost a person is.  Sometimes, this is the only hope that we can hold to.  Many times, we have seen lives that are such a mess that we can trust only in the knowledge that God is far greater than all the darkness that is in their life.  Please continue to pray for the young men that are a part of our job training program, that they will allow God to continue to break in on their lives.

As we prepare for Christmas, I challenge you to remember what life is truly about.  God sent his son that we might have life, I pray that that knowledge will revolutionize your life.  Just a few days  ago a fellow volunteer asked me, “What if Jesus came back just one day before this childcare opened?”  I stopped in my tracks.  My first reaction was to think, “Oh no!  What about all the work we did?”  As I have reflected on that statement these last days I have realized that if we can’t fully welcome Christ, without regret or hoping for a little more time then we need to evaluate just what we are living for.  I am very thankful that God had someone speak those words to me.  I was reminded that I am called to live for Christ and in anticipation of his return, desiring to bring others with me to Heaven.  When my focus becomes the work and not the ministry then I am living for the wrong reasons, no matter how good my deeds may be.  As followers of Christ we are called to greater glory than the glory here on earth, my prayer is that we will fully embrace this knowledge and allow it to change our lives!

I pray that you will be blessed with a very merry Christmas!  Keep in touch!

Prayer Requests

  • Parents of our children
  • Safety as volunteers travel this Christmas season
  • Continued financial provision

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