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Christmas gifts and carols

December 21st, 2010 — 6:42am

About one week ago we had a Christmas party at kids’ church where all the kids got their own Christmas present. It was crazy. Most of the kids were excited and cheered (especially the little ones). After they all ate we came to the present part when we tried to make them all calm down and sit down–hard work :) Once they did, we sang a Christmas song together: “Away in a manger”.

Which brings me to why I’m writing this article. The moment that all the kids had sat down and begun to sing together really hit me. I think we had over 200 kids squeezed in the sanctuary. Seeing them all singing along was a great blessing to me. It showed once again what an awesome place Agora is–for the kids!!! How great is that: Rough kids, who most likely did not even know this song before they first came to Agora gathering together to sing a Christmas song in celebration of Jesus’ birth, and all in the sweetest voices!
May God continue to prosper and bless Agora and most importantly the hearts and lives of the kids!

Thats it, bye-bye.


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Little Servant

December 20th, 2010 — 5:30pm

This weekend I was so blessed by a little girl who has been coming to church for the past few weeks.  Her name is Ranaja, she is 7 years old, and the cutest little girl!  Ranaja is always running from one staff member to another giving hugs and giggling infectiously.  But besides being a sweetheart, she is also a great helper.  On Saturday night she asked to work like many kids do, butecause we often have so many kids who want to work our policy is that they can only work for 10 minutes so that everyone gets a chance to earn a little extra money.  Ranaja worked her 10 minutes in the kitchen, but when Meghan told her she could go Ranaja begged to keep working.  Meghan told Ranaja that she wouldn’t get paid for any more work thinking that would stop the begging (as it usually does).  However, Ranaja was not at all discouraged.  She replied, “You don’t have to pay me anything; I just want to help!”  Ranaja proceeded to help in the kitchen for 45 more minutes.  She was so excited to be able to help.  When I walked in she announced that she was going to “stay until its all done!”  Ranaja did just that, she helped until the kitchen was clean and then she ran to the sanctuary to ask Pastor Rich if he needed any more help in there.  She spent several more minutes helping out in the sanctuary.  She was laughing and beaming through all of this and announcing how much she loved helping.  This little incident reminded me of what service is all about.  The Bible says, “The Lord loves a cheerful giver.”  When we give of ourselves with a smile and joy (just like Ranaja) we bring joy to God.  What a blessing for Him and us!

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Songs from the heart

December 20th, 2010 — 11:10am

I was pretty worn out and tired the other night when James and I went to pick up kids for church. Physically and mentally, I felt too tired to be much use to anyone.

We had gotten the kids into the van, and some worship song started playing on the radio. All at once the kids began singing along as loud as they could.

God used this moment to speak right to my heart. Once again he showed me clearly how special and wonderful it is that we here at Agora have the privilege of working with these kids. And, that God equips us again and again with new strength and pours out love for the kids.


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What kind of Transformer are you?

December 20th, 2010 — 10:59am
We see kids come, and we see kids go. The longer a child is at Agora, the more you get to know their “story”. Each child that comes through those doors has a story of their own to tell. Many times they do not open the book for you until a chapter of their life is lying in shreds.
One particular little boy has been a real blessing in my life. God has taught me so much through dealing with the “chapters” that take place in his life. Patience is just one of many things that Christ has been able to teach me through this little guy. Many times it is hard to see the work that is being done in these kids lives because we just get so caught up in the moment.
A few weeks ago, this little guy was having a rough night and just couldn’t sit still or listen. So finally Pastor Rich, James, Paul, the little guy and I sat in a circle and just began to talk. The topic was “TRANSFORMERS”.  Of course this grabs his attention being he LOVES the movie. As the conversation continued, we talked about “good” transformers and “bad” transformers and why each receives that title. Not only did this have his attention, but the Lord also grabbed a hold of me.
What type of transformer are you being turned into? One that is of the life that Christ has for us? Serving one another out of reverence for him and walking in the grace that he said is enough for us? Or is it a transformer that is self-serving and not walking in the light but in darkness?
Each day his mercies are made new.

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News from Little Gems

December 20th, 2010 — 10:28am

There are days when all I do is run around keeping the little ones from biting and scratching each other. After all, they’re at that age when they start to play together and engage one another…and sometimes they end up having a little accident or two.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it makes it all the better when one of them comes up to me for a hug or wants to hug me or give a kiss. It’s so sweet that most of the time the other children come up to me, one after another, and the whole class ends up in one giant, hugging pile.


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Eine Nachricht von Little Gems

December 20th, 2010 — 10:14am

Es gibt Tage, an denen bin ich in meinem Klassenzimmer ganz schön damit beschäftigt zu verhindern, dass die Kleinen sich nicht gegenseitig kratzen oder beißen. Die sind nämlich grad in einem Alter, wo sie langsam anfangen miteinander zu spielen und aufeinander zuzugehen…manchmal kommt es da halt noch zu kleinen Unfällen. Naja, was ich eigentlich sagen will, ist dass es dafür immer um so schöner ist, wenn einer von ihnen zu mir kommt und mich sich ne Umarmung abholt, oder mich umarmt oder mir ein Kuss gibt. Das Süße ist, dass dann meistens einer nach dem anderen dazukommt und am Ende sind wir alle ein einziger Haufen im Klassenzimmer, der sich umarmt.


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