What kind of Transformer are you?

We see kids come, and we see kids go. The longer a child is at Agora, the more you get to know their “story”. Each child that comes through those doors has a story of their own to tell. Many times they do not open the book for you until a chapter of their life is lying in shreds.
One particular little boy has been a real blessing in my life. God has taught me so much through dealing with the “chapters” that take place in his life. Patience is just one of many things that Christ has been able to teach me through this little guy. Many times it is hard to see the work that is being done in these kids lives because we just get so caught up in the moment.
A few weeks ago, this little guy was having a rough night and just couldn’t sit still or listen. So finally Pastor Rich, James, Paul, the little guy and I sat in a circle and just began to talk. The topic was “TRANSFORMERS”.  Of course this grabs his attention being he LOVES the movie. As the conversation continued, we talked about “good” transformers and “bad” transformers and why each receives that title. Not only did this have his attention, but the Lord also grabbed a hold of me.
What type of transformer are you being turned into? One that is of the life that Christ has for us? Serving one another out of reverence for him and walking in the grace that he said is enough for us? Or is it a transformer that is self-serving and not walking in the light but in darkness?
Each day his mercies are made new.

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