Christmas gifts and carols

About one week ago we had a Christmas party at kids’ church where all the kids got their own Christmas present. It was crazy. Most of the kids were excited and cheered (especially the little ones). After they all ate we came to the present part when we tried to make them all calm down and sit down–hard work :) Once they did, we sang a Christmas song together: “Away in a manger”.

Which brings me to why I’m writing this article. The moment that all the kids had sat down and begun to sing together really hit me. I think we had over 200 kids squeezed in the sanctuary. Seeing them all singing along was a great blessing to me. It showed once again what an awesome place Agora is–for the kids!!! How great is that: Rough kids, who most likely did not even know this song before they first came to Agora gathering together to sing a Christmas song in celebration of Jesus’ birth, and all in the sweetest voices!
May God continue to prosper and bless Agora and most importantly the hearts and lives of the kids!

Thats it, bye-bye.


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