Wednesdays with Miriam and Andi

Andi and I got a new challenge: teaching the teenager class on Wednesday nights. We both love the opportunity to serve there! At the same time we are very aware of how we depend on God and how we need his guidance and his spirit to get the class moving.

It’s his vision to see our girls become women who are confident in God and know how precious they are.
Since we just started to work in that class, it is also very important to us -and one of our current aims- to gain their trust and to build strong relationships with them.
Sometimes it’s not easy, and we can’t tell where the girls are because they’re having a hard time opening up. Especially when all the girls are together, it is hard for them to “out” themselves.

So a few weeks ago, when we went caroling, I was at the homes of two girls that come on Wednesdays. How much it meant to me that both came up to give me a hug!!

At another time, a girl came to me and just wanted to talk about things that hurt her. When she tried to start she just burst out into tears.

There are more stories like the two above. I’m so happy and excited that they are slowly starting to share about what’s going on inside and to trust us.

Please pray for God’s blessing upon this class!


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