God Can Fix Agora Cars Too!

Last Wednesday evening, we were studying 1 Corinthians 12 where it talks about all the gift the Spirit left for each one in the body of Christ. One of the members in our group had a terrible headache. The Bible says to lift one another up in prayer. We layed hands on Jana and her headache was gone :) Jesus hears even the smallest troubles we have and cares for each one.

By 9:00 that evening, the vans are filled with many energetic children ready to hit the road home. Driving along I began to realize I have no headlights. I have a van load of children and have not dropped even 1 of them off yet…Oh Jesus, give me some wisdom! So I called Pastor Rich and we do not have any other cars to take kids home in…O NO! Ok Lord, this is all yours! I pulled beside the road and explain to the children what is happening. They all are more than ready to go home by this point, but were even more ready to take a minute to pray! I have never seen this many hands go up when I asked who would like to pray. At least 9 kids prayed while I was praying for this to be a time of witness and testimony for these children. I kept flipping the switch to see if they would come on..no, not yet. The Lord told me to get out and give the headlight that hadn’t worked for 5 months a solid tap. LIGHT!!!!! The kids were so excited..’so now pray for the other one!’ I opened the hood, knowing I couldn’t see a thing, but trusting the Lord. Then let the hood nicely shut with a solid thud…and LIGHT!!! Both lights are up and running!

In the mean while, James was running to Auto Zone to get us some new lights. The Lord had another agenda on His mind. Trusting Him. The people at the parts store couldn’t quite believe that James didn’t need the lights anymore..God is so good!!

Knowing the shape that our cars are in at Agora, please keep us in your prayers. We are looking to buy 3 mini vans for kids church and the day care. We are trusting to Lord for the provision and knowing that His timing is perfect. Always.

Also on Friday evening, Becky’s mother passed away. What a life of testimony she lead. Serve the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. She’s walking on those streets of Gold with the One who gives true Life. Keep the family in your prayers as they mourn but rejoice in seeing a wife, mother and grandmother finish the race to victory.



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  1. David Smith

    Wow…great story and it is refreshing to see kids being taught to pray!

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