Unique encounter

It was on a late Wednesday night in November after KidsChurch when I found myself in front of this little baby. He laid in his buggy, not moving. I had been told that this not-even-one-year old baby had been very sick and almost died a week before because of some disease. So I settled down in front of him and prayed. Then, I tried to cheer him up making weird faces and every kind of noises. But other than other babies, this little boy wouldn’t even move his eye lashes because of what I did. He would just lie there, starring at me. Eventually, I grabbed my guitar, played some chords and started singing to it. I sang how precious he was and how he was a beautiful and unique creation of God. Having not shown any emotions to me up to that point, he suddenly started crying. That was touching for me and it showed me how God used me through my musical skills to move a heart. I gave a testimony on the Sunday after.
What I didn’t know was that this was the first and the last time I got to meet this boy. A month later, he died unexpectedly due to his disease.

I didn’t ask: ’Why, O God, do you let such things happen?’, I asked:’Why did you made me meet this baby?’ God sends us people along that we get to know; people who we may get friends with, for instance. But he also lets us encounter people who we probably never see again in life and though may have an effect on us. I think God made me realize that life is to be appreciated all day and all night. God sent me that baby to make me realize once again that it’s all about Him. It also showed me that God wants to use me more and more to touch other people’s hearts.This baby neither knew me, nor understood me when I worshiped God. All he did was crying – Not because he wanted to see his mother, not because it was time to change his diaper, but because God was present.

Maybe some of us forget to appreciate life because it’s tough out there and there is nothing to laugh about. We suffer from everyday-diseases, namely stress, unanswered questions about life and others. The things we struggle with make us numb and insensible for divine things. But once we hear God singing to us that he loves us, once we hear his voice calling us by name, we will have nothing else but to run to him. We will break out in tears because we realize what’s wrong in our lives without him. We will break out in tears because all of a sudden we are released from burdens and diseases that we think we carry by ourselves. We will cry because of God’s immeasurable mercy proven with deep compassion for us – He will take our numbness and sickness away because we are his beloved children. He doesn’t have for us to literally die from our sicknesses.

But first and foremost, God showed me through this encounter, how much most of us forget to appreciate life. Life and health is a God-given, undeserved gift we most often take for granted.
Jonathan Philipp

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